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We are The Newbys! A family that’s chosen an alternative lifestyle, one that means that we’ve bowed out of the 9-5 in a quest to make our minutes and seconds matter. Our family motto is BE BRAVE, THINK BIG, EXPLORE and over the past three years this journey has taken us into many different places and spaces. We’ve lived in vans, we’ve overlanded through Africa, we’ve road tripped through the USA and – we’ve had two children, our sons Crusoe and Sawyer!

Now, it’s time for our family’s biggest adventure yet. We’re renovating an abandoned farm in Northern Portugal into our dream sustainable, off-grid home.

By sharing our journey, we hope it will inspire you to follow whatever dream you might have. Because the rewards for being BRAVE and for thinking BIG is freedom to use this wonderful life to EXPLORE .

We love Penguins!
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Join us on YouTube

Over the past two years we’ve been documenting our travels and family adventures on YouTube, and we now have TWO channels where we release a NEW episode every single Wednesday and Sunday from our farm in Portugal, and share our travels as we take our children around the world.

We would love to have you as part of our online community of nearly 180k people across both of our channels, it’s a whole load of fun so please click the SUBSCRIBE buttons below, it’s all completely free and means the world to our little family. 

Newbys Merch!

We are so excited about our ethical & sustainable Newbys Merch!! The collection includes a range of super fun clothing, some funky totes and homewares, and even a puzzle, all designed to remind us all to BE BRAVE, THINK BIG and EXPLORE! There’s a range of the bold design you see here, to the more classic and understated so we hope there is something for everyone and we’re so excited to see you wearing it! Please remember to tag us on Instagram @thenewbys

What we love most about our merch is that it is all made in a renewable energy powered factory & all the materials are organic and responsibly sourced. Each piece even comes with a QR code on the label to allow each item to be returned & recycled responsibility when eventually worn out, and there’s not an inch of plastic packaging in sight.

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Support us

We have a wonderful and growing community over on Patreon which is a space where we share exciting exclusive content, blogs and stories from our lives.

If you’d like to be a part of that please know that no level of support is too small, and your help in making our dreams come true and valuing our work truly means the world to us.

Every share, thumbs up, like, comment, message, and minute that you spend with us and our content makes all the difference, so thank you to you all.

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