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We are the Newbys

We’re a travel family currently renovating our farm in Portugal. We are overlanders, vanlifers, explorers and tourists. We are builders, and farmers, committed to making our minutes and seconds count.


John has been exploring our wonderful planet for over 25 years. Traveling to 163 countries on all 7 continents. His love of lines over maps has ensured that he has just about over-landed everywhere he could possibly get to. Over mountain ranges and deserts, through jungles, and even crossing oceans.

Johns lines on his map extend from Singapore to Goa, From Afghanistan to Svalbard and from Egypt to Antarctica. With years spent working in the travel industry, he has helped hundreds of people travel to far away destinations. Now, he’s using his self-taught carpentry and building skills to create a wonderland homestead in Northern Portugal for his family. A talented man, with an imagination as big as the universe we’re so lucky to have him.


Crusoe’s hobbies include, making his parents run as fast as they can to ensure he doesn’t drop from high places, eating as much fruit as mother nature can provide, and generally making everyone smile really really big all the time. He also loves to go wild swimming in rivers, spot diggers everywhere, and most especially help his dad with all the building, weeding, watering and farm work that he possibly can.

He has been to 24 countries on four continents in his first year, and is just getting to grips with being a big brother at 19 months old. We love him more than anything in the world and everything we do is to give our children a life immersed in nature, free to roam, and a world that is big and limitless and exciting. We can’t wait to watch his adventure unfold.


A life growing up in Zimbabwe in Southern Africa taught Tara simple lessons about being brave and thinking big, after all, there are few things in Africa that are small! Tara spent her 20s indulging her passions working in the safari industry, hanging out with chimpanzees and lions, and waking up in wild places with huge horizons.

It is no surprise that Tara’s world is big and her ambitions even bigger. A full time mum, explorer, traveler, family chef, and video journalist, Tara is our Brave Lioness, the elephant in our Think big and the Arctic Turn in our Explore. It’s important to her that our farm and home is gentle on the planet, a safe haven for our children, and a place to inspire us all to look after the place we call home. Studying permaculture is next on her agenda, and she can’t wait!


Sawyer is our youngest son, arriving with us earth side in September of 2022 and having just turned one, he honestly dazzles us all with the hugest smiles and biggest little person belly giggles. He’s the bravest little brother that ever there was, determined to keep up with everything going on on the farm, and in no time at all will be helping dad just like his big brother. 

Sawyer has a personality that’s big and bold and brave and he has made our little family feel so complete. He loves collecting stones and taking them on big adventures, he loves a digger just as much as Crusoe, and definitely knows how to stand his ground, even if he is only really little. He makes our family feel so complete, is the glue that holds us all together some days, and we love him with everything we have and more. 

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