TheNewbys First Edition Cook Book

19 recipes covering simple and delicious options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and some tasty treats that are a favourite in our home! The Cook Book is in PDF format, easy for you to download and enjoy on your phone or tablet.



Over the last two years on our farm in Portugal, our family has had the immense privilege of growing and eating an incredible array of fresh, delicious, bountiful produce from our little corner of the world. We share a lot of those successes with you on our YouTube channel, and have finally heeded your call for us to put together our favourite finds into our very first edition cookbook!

Living the way we do has opened my eyes to the potential and possibilities for our future here, and made me even more determined to work hard to make sure my family is nourished and thriving from as much of our own produce as possible. There is so much more to come, but in this first edition I wanted to share a handful of my favourite finds in the world of food this year.

I hope you find something delicious to add to your own kitchen creations, and I look forward to growing this community and collection for years to come.

With love, and full tummies,

Tara x

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